Christmas Pictures…in April!

Well, to say I’ve been behind is a bit of an understatment but better late than never!  I’ve finally uploaded pix of what we’ve been up to since Christmas (I know, I know…) 

We’ve got:


-Our fabulous trip back east to see our Virginia family and to Houston to see our Hargett Family (and NASA…boy, was that awesome!)

-The Shane’s Inspiration Gala (and choir) on March 12

-The Homeschooler DaVinci Field Trip (ultra cool…it’s at Hollywood and Highland; go if you can!  They built models from the plans in many of his notebooks and they are stunningly ingenious!)

-Cole’s Coming of Age (sorta like a Bar Mitzvah for Unitarian Universalists) at Emerson

Here they all are:  Enjoy!

Cole and Ilia (inexplicably) on The Today Show!

Um, I have no idea how or why (this looks like footage from the ASPCA awards piece) but little bit of Cole and Ilia wound up on the Today Show this morning:

One of our friends in our homeschooler group spotted it…we would never have even known!!!  Wacky!

Great piece, though, glad to be (however remotely) part of it!


Hail to the (former) Chief

This Monday we were priveledged to by whisked past President Jimmy Carter as he signed books for us at  Borders in Westwood. 

The lines were EXTREMELY long, out front there was some sort of protest by an Iranian group (not sure about what, but they were MAD) and there was general mayhem in the store.  But I have to say the Borders staff were really on top of it; they spotted Cole, me and Ilia in line to get our wrist bands and squired us right upstairs.

It was surreal.  President Carter was seated about 50 feet away from where we stepped out of the elevator.  He spotted Cole immediately and rarely took his eyes from him as they passed one book after another beneath his pen.  He was flanked by Secret Service, who surveyed the crowd disapprovingly.  No one was really allowed to speak to Carter and the one man who tried to shake hands was quickly shuffled on.

I can’t blame them, I guess.  There were hundreds and hundreds of people there (which I took as a sign of hope) and they had to get them through efficiently while keeping Carter safe.

We rolled up for our turn with two books to be signed; Carter’s new release, “The White House Diary” and a book he’d co-written with a young poet and peacemaker named Mattie Stepanek a few years back.  It’s partially comprised of their e-mail correspondence and is called Just Peace.   We bought one from Mattie’s mother Jeni when she was on tour promoting it.    In it, Carter talks with this 13-year-old boy about how to achieve world peace.  A boy whose muscular dystrophy was so severe it eventually took his life before he turned 14, but not before he took his message of peace to the world through his poetry.

As we were shunted past, Just Peace was slid before Carter.  He looked up hopefully at Cole, then locked onto me with the most piercing, clear blue eyes (at 86!)  Nodding at Cole, he said, “Did he get to meet Mattie?”  Craning my neck around backward so that he could hear my reply as I was escorted past I called out, “No, but he got to recite one of Mattie’s poems to Jeni!” 

A huge, beaming smile. 

What’s not to love about a man who thinks it’s more important to talk about peace with a child than to be leader of the free world? 

Southern Comfort

Cole took his date (!) Darcy to the Teen Homeschooler Dance last night.  They theme was to dress as their favorite literary character, so….(brace yourself…)


Yup…it’s official, folks.  I have a (gasp) TEENAGER. 

Heaven help me. 

Big Birthday Bash was on September 11.  Cole chose a fencing/swim party and a BLAST was had by all.  You can check out all the swashbuckling fun here:

Um, wasn’t he just born???